About Oxtek Solutions Pty Ltd

Established in 1998, Oxtek Solutions / Protect Crete provides unrivaled concrete protection in the commercial and residential market. An Australian owned manufacturing company with a team of experts comprising 100+ years of experience in the concrete, coatings, flooring and vinyl industries – our mission is to provide ‘solutions that won’t cost the earth’.

Based in Melbourne – we supply Australia, New Zealand & Asia.

The construction industry faces a number of challenges in response to new social and environmental pressures. The current market also demands cost efficiency and rapid execution. Oxtek Solutions unique and environmentally safe technology not only kills bacteria’s MRSA & ECOLI it cures, waterproofs, repels contamination, hardens, densifies and protects the concrete. Application of topical coatings such as vinyl and other floor coverings, line marking paint, epoxies, sealers and timber in record time which results in significant cost savings.

All products are LOW VOC, user friendly and HACCP approved.

Join our mission to create healthy building practices by investing in ‘solutions that won’t cost the earth’.

Call to arrange face-to-face personal assistance and advice anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

All warranties are project specific and registered with a specification number. We have expertise and experience to help and consult on your next project or help your existing project maintain time and budget.

Australia: +61 3 9798 7534

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