Training Days

Each year Oxtek Australia is invited along to the Hunter TAFE to speak to the students undergoing the Certificate III in Flooring Technology course. In the time spent with the students our national Sales Manager Louise Howell conducts a demonstration on the application of our penetrative moisture barrier system X220 Moisture Fix ® and then talks about the benefits for cost and time saving on their projects.


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What is silicosis?

Accelerated silicosis is an aggressive and incurable form of lung disease which traditionally affects construction workers, farmers, miners and engineers.
It is caused by breathing in unsafe levels of silica dust, which can scar your lungs and cause them to stiffen.
This problem is being talked about more and more these days and its life threatening, especially for those in the concrete industry.
Oxtek Australia products significantly reduce dust by hardening and densifying the concrete, plus much more.

Call us to learn more:
Louise Howell 0407 244 547

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Valē Gary Curwood

With great sadness we inform you that Gary Curwood our Managing Director passed away on Sunday morning (28th June 2020) after 10 days in ICU at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

His admission to Hospital was unexpected and after several emergency surgeries he died peacefully with his wife Helen by his side. Sadly his son Leroy, residing in London, flew in on Tuesday night but was in quarantine in a Brisbane Hotel because of Covid 19.

Gary’s funeral will be attended by his wife Helen & son Leroy in the Sunshine Coast Thursday 9th July. A memorial service will be held in Melbourne, dates are to be confirmed.

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