Aged Care Testimonial

This was the comment from Peter Rawlins; construction site manager working for builders Aged Care Developments, when he was describing improvement in slab qualities and ultimate cost savings gained after Oxtek products X200 Densi-Proof/ X220 Moisture-Fix was applied to his concrete at the time of pour as a superior curing medium.

As reported in the October issue of Flooring Magazine Peter used Oxtek products on the Forest Lodge Nursing Home in Frankston North that was built for TLC Aged Care Nursing Homes.  “I just couldn’t believe the difference in the concrete surface integrity, hardness, lack of plastic shrinkage cracking, dust proofing without changing the surface profile.  We saved on the application of so called lower cost curing membranes, plus the removal costs down the track of the same, and also, if the topical membrane had performed properly, in reducing the evaporation of  the excess water (which normally creates problems with plastic or premature shrinkage cracking) which is used in the mix design that isn’t required for correct cement hydration for strength gain. Of course the concrete would always remain reading too wet to meet the required standard of moisture content percentage for successful coatings or covering installation.

In this case, then the lower priced membrane has to be removed by mechanical means, such as grinding, shot blasting etc. which also adds to the cost. After the success at Forest Lodge we are currently constructing Noble Manor Nursing Home and using X200 Densi-Proof as soon as possible after concrete placement and it is clearly apparent that the enhancement of concrete quality, savings of preparation costs down the track alleviating the need for removal of inferior membranes and site disruption of the same to meet the moisture content levels required by the Australian Standards.

Applying at the time of pour is then really the most efficient and cost effective option.The Oxtek products absolutely help us to meet the demands and pressures of fast track building lock up and finish dates, where the concrete just doesn’t have time to dry sufficiently. It is a one off application and even though it can be applied to concrete at any stage to overcome moisture related problems, we now use Oxtek as an integral part of all our building process at the time of pour which not only enhances our concrete performance, it allows floor covering installation to proceed at any time without problems.

When Ken Arnott of Kenbar Floors first suggested the Oxtek products can be applied sooner than later, I must admit that initially I wasn’t entirely convinced, however we proceeded with our own trials, same concrete mix design, same concreting contractor, same conditions and the results between the concrete with and without the Oxtek applied, was almost unbelievable. We have also done our sums and the cost and time savings are very significant indeed. I am also very impressed that there is no site closure due to safety issues as the products are totally VOC free and the floor access is open within one hour after application. Of course we realise that we not only have all these improvements with the concrete but we acknowledge the fact we have an effective, permanent and guaranteed moisture barrier under all our floor coverings.”


Product : X200 Densi-Proof