Clayton Car Park

Paul Mickus Site Manager for Lanskey Constructions has insisted on X200 Densi-Proof™ as a cure for all his prestige projects. “The only recent project that the client refused to use X200 Densi-Proof™ resulted in concrete that cracked and dusted, it was a petrol station fore court so there is now an easy path for spilled fuel and other contaminants to start early degradation.” Paul told us. “Customers like Porsche Brighton expect the best products and practice available and that’s why I insisted on the recent renovations to the showroom and work room areas having X200 Densi-Proof™ at the time of pour. It gave the client protection from oil ingress, plastic cracking plus providing a hard dust free surface.” These are just two projects of many used by Lanskey Constructions for permanent protection against contamination ingress into the concrete sub floor. Once X200 Densi-Proof™ is applied body fluids, acids, chemicals or any other contaminates will not penetrate into the capillaries or voids of the concrete matrix. This halts early corrosion or break down of the concrete and ensures a microbe free concrete interior that will not harbour disease or allow foul odours. The carparks structured surface has a stronger surface resistance to abrasion from wear after the X200 Densi-Proof application ensuring a longer life as a low slip X200 Densi Proof™ Lanskey Constructions stay ahead of the opposition with industry best cure regime Terry Lucas and Paul Mickus, Site Manager for Lanskey Constructions at North Road McDonalds car park only hours after placement by the concreters, watching the commencement of the X200 Densi-Proof ™ application. X200 Densi-Proof™ will improve and preserve any concrete.  Application  is  quick,  clean,  safe  and environmentally  neutral.  There  is  minimum disruption  to  other  trades.  On  new  concrete X200 Densi-Proof™   is  industry  best  cure  and  seal (equal or better than water ponding),  and concrete  preservation  treatment.  X200 Densi-Proof™  is a  once  only  permanent  application.  It inhibits oils, urine (and other body fluids), water, acids and chemicals.



20 September 2012
Product - X200 Densi-Proof
Builder - Lanskey Construction