Forest Lodge Nursing Home Success Story

Ken Arnott, owner of Kenbar Floors who recently completed approximately 7,000m2 of flooring installation at the Forest Lodge Nursing Home, built by Aged Care Developments, said “I am delighted with the finished job and the way the synergy of all suppliers, concreter, builder and owner helped achieve a cost efficient, fast track, trouble free, safe, very functional and aesthetically stunning result for the client and all concerned.

When we started, the initial 3000m2 of concrete had been poured and the building process was at lock up stage. We were confronted with high moisture readings (6.5%) in the concrete, as is common with so many projects these days and flooring contractors are faced with dealing with concrete slabs that the moisture readings are in excess of the 5.5%, 70 RH as recommended by the Australian Standards. These high readings mainly occur because of the fast track lock up building process, which doesn’t allow enough time or air flow movement to sufficiently dry the concrete to meet the required moisture content levels for correct floor covering installation, at no risk of costly failure to the Installer, builder of Client.

We opted to use the Oxtek X220 Moisture-Fix & X200 Densi-Proof products because of the cost efficiency, VOC free, user safe, simple no mixing one coat application and early access benefits, as well as the total performance warranty aspects of the product. We installed Polyflor vinyl in all of the main areas and also used the Polyflor range of floor levelling cement and adhesive range of products as well. Polyflor offer a total warranty covering the whole system from the top of the concrete substrate to and including their vinyl as a guaranteed system including the Protect Crete products. This is excellent for the Installer and client as there isn’t room for any demarcation problems should an issue occur.”

After discussions with the Builder and Concreter (Rypcard Concreting) and Terry Lucas from Oxtek, it was decided to apply Oxtek X200 Densi-Proof at the time of pour. Terry explained “This allows a superior cure medium, densifier and permanent moisture barrier that allows for coatings and floor coverings to be installed without any moisture issues after 14 days after pouring of concrete. This also saves costs, as there are no preparation costs and virtually eliminates any plastic cracking in the slab. They have proceeded with this process and every one was absolutely delighted with the concrete surface finish and the amount of time and cost savings with this process.

Every one is delighted with the whole project, an excellent on time result.


20 September 2012
Product : X200 Densi-Proof™