Industrial Floors

Industrial Floor- Oxtek Solutions Pty Ltd – Spotlight Floor System Success.

Three major manufacturers and a best practice contractor win Spotlight Specification. October 2006.

Finer Floors Finishes originally based in Shepparton, Victoria have been the catalyst in firming the Spotlight specification. Ken Gash from Finer Floors explains “We have been one of Spotlights contractors for years and have now been made consultants for every floor Spotlight does. This includes site visits prior to start, briefing the builders and contractors on the standard they must achieve and the products and their best practice installation. Unfortunately three stores have recently been rejected and redone because of product substitution or deletion, or incorrect installation. This specification has been tried, tested and is successful because,” as Finer Floor Finishes Director Danny Somers says,” if you use best installation practice, the best available moisture barrier by Oxtek – Underlayments by Ardex and the top of the tree polyurethane by Tuff Coat, you can’t go wrong.” A lot of the floors are fast tracked to where the Tuff Coat is installed as little as 14 days or less after the concrete floor is poured. Tuff Coat’s Managing Director Steven Vak said, ”Tuff Coat has extensively tested their products over X200 Densi-Proof with total success and highly recommend X200 Densi-Proof systems. Where floor levelling is required, Ardex products are used with confidence. As a manufacturer I have peace of mind that my coating is sitting on top of two industry best products.” Spotlight plan to open 32 new stores in the coming 18 months.


20 September 2012