Priceline Pharmacy Oakleigh

Moisture Barrier for Wet existing concrete Fast Track Floor Covering Installations.

Joe Dovile, Director of TRUMP Floorcoverings (one of Australia’s leading National flooring contractors) had to install and complete 200m2 of vinyl for Priceline Pharmacy Oakleigh (Vic) within 4 days, on concrete that had just been poured, with a moisture content of 8% and 95% Relative Humidity. TRUMP have been large users of Oxtek products for many years, involving tens of thousands m2 of successful installations without any failure and approached the Oxtek team for advice and suggested product and installation procedure to allow this fast track process to proceed with minimum risk to the client. Oxtek’s Terry Lucas says although we don’t normally recommend this short lead time, not so much for the failure of our product to moisture proof the concrete, but there are other issues involved such as low surface hardness etc of the concrete at this age, which can cause surface shear at the floor covering and concrete interface if subjected to early and premature point loading.
The concrete was spray applied with X200 Densi-Proof as soon as it was hard enough to walk on, which achieves a chemical conversion deep in the concrete matrix, which allows for floor prep (in this case Ardex Feather Finish) to be installed and perform correctly the following day with Vinyl installation proceeding that same day. “The proofs in the pudding” Terry and Joe inspect the floor after more than 13 months down the track and the floor is in perfect condition which is also a credit to TRUMPs installers Vito and Jason Dovile.

Joe and the client are delighted with the result, however, Terry says we pushed the envelope to the limit in all the various facets involved and suggests very strongly that this time period shouldn’t be taken as the norm and Oxtek should be contacted for further information on these types of time critical situations.


20 September 2012
Mission Impossible