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– existing concrete, approximately 25-30 years old.

– not designed for grinding or polishing

– black coloured oxide, broadcast during placement for colour bleed in 7-10mm into the surface

Desired Surface Brief: 

Modern terrazzo style of flooring. Creating a space that feels modern architectural workshop to best show homage to the originality of the home.

The surface provided needs to be suitable for

– External slip ratings

– Be hard-wearing enough for cars

– Uv stable

– Hot tire pickup resistant.

Solution & scope 

  • Finish HONED CONCRETE (related & additional chemical processes required substrate specific) 

– grind the surface to reveal 95-100% stone exposure removing 95-100% of black surface oxide (over one cubic meter of concrete was ground off 60sqm)

– repeat on edges

– repeat on corners

– fill all large cracks and holes

– liquid polymer grout substrate filling 50-80% of all naturally occurring aeration holes in concrete.

– repeat on edges

– repeat on corners

– clean surface

Application of oxtek X200 Densi-Proof 

X200 Densi-Proof applied at recommend coverage rate 5sqm per litre or until sub-straight rejection. (additional Densi-Proof was required due to the nature of old concrete.)

X200 Densi-Proof provides additional stain and moisture resistance while simultaneously strengthening the substrate and grout to enhance abrasion and impact resistance. 

 – grind the surface with 50/60 grit diamonds to remove surface contaminants, excess grout & Densi-Proof

– clean surface

– apply three coats of semi penetrative colour enhancing solvent-based sealer.

(deepens the colour of the concrete and provides a surface layer of stain protection and abrasion resistance) 

Ongoing care 

– Raw Surfaces Polished Concrete & Hard Surface Cleaner provided.

Honed surface requires general cleaning the same as any other surface to ensure longevity

Our tailor-made polish concrete and hard surface cleaner and maintenance guide is the simplest way to ensure long term surface satisfaction.

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