X200 Densi-Proof
These are just some of the projects where Oxtek Solutions products are used by Supermarkets for permanent protection against hydrostatic pressure and moisture vapour. Once X200 Densi-Proof is applied water and other contaminates will not penetrate into the capillaries or voids of the sub floor. This water can “blow off” vinyl and other impervious floors or chemically change the glues creating adhesion issues.

X200 Densi-Proof is an effective moisture barrier on existing and new concrete. Application is quick, clean, safe and environmentally neutral. There is minimum disruption to other trades. On new concrete X200 Densi-Proof is industry best Cure and Seal, allowing floor coverings to be laid 14 days from time of pour. Existing concrete can be laid 24 hours after application of X200 Densi-Proof.

Franklins Eltham 890m2
Safeway Forest Hills 2300m2
Bi-Lo Greenvale 2200m2
Safeway Camberwell 1200m2
A.U.R. Narre Warren 2300m2
Dan Murphy Vermont South 200m2
Kmart Belmont 500m2
Safeway St Albans 2000m2
Bi-Lo Burntbridge 1800m2
Safeway Torquay 2500m2
Spotlight Bayswater 2500m2
Safeway Langwarrin 3200m2
Bakers Delight Various(7) 760m2
David Jones Southland 1000m2
and many many more including Hotels, Clothing and Retail Food.



Product - X200 Densi-Proof