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You can now combine the strength and character of your concrete floor with ease of cleaning and attractive eye appealing glossy finish. Our two part system guarantees an exceptional floor resilient to Abrasion, Water, Chemical, Acids, Oils, Food and Liquids.

X200 Densi-Proof™ is a revolutionary sealer that penetrates up to 200mm into concrete, sealing it from within. It not only stops oil and chemical contamination for new concrete but purges out years of existing contaminants from old concrete. Once X200 Densi-Proof™ is applied your concrete floor has added strength, a harder but not brittle surface, no dusting, no spalling and is virtually impervious to internal attack from contamination. This is a once only permanent application and is environmentally neutral.

X400 Lustre Shield™ is a penetrating, highly attractive yet extremely durable surface coating. X400 Lustre Shield™ provides a surface that repels water, acids and oils, giving you a more stain resistant floor with little or no effort between cleans.

Cavpower of Adelaide, South Australia. Caterpillar service centre used X200 Densi-Proof with Surface Sheen as a cure and seal at time of pour. This shows the work shop just before hand over. Even after all the construction trades had worked on the surface the floor is in pristine condition. Cavpower can expect a professional looking floor surface, free of oil stains, with an easy sweep and minimum cleaning regime.

Wangaratta Ambulance Service had an epoxy coating with a grit surface that was oil stained and difficult to sweep.
X200 Densi-Proof™ and X400 Lustre Shield™ were applied as a trial of to one of their five bays. The existing coating was removed with a diamond Grinder, X200 Densi-Proof™ was applied and within minutes oil was visibly being purged from within the concrete. This contamination was removed and another light application of X200 Densi-Proof™ was applied and left for 24 hours (without impeding the mechanics from continuing work). The following day the balance of the contaminants was sanded and washed from the surface. X400 Lustre Shield™ was then applied to the clean surface and let for 24 hours to cure.
The picture above shows the floor at 3 weeks. After many spills the Luster Shield™ shows no staining. The epoxy floor is in the foreground. The mechanics are happy they can easily maintain their area to a safe clean and professional standard. The Ambulance service has commissioned the balance of this floor to be done and two other sites.
Gough’s Caterpillar in Christchurch used X200 Densi-Proof and X400 Lustre Shield on this new workshop floor to maintain an easy clean and eye appealing floor surface. The service pit as well as the drain pits were treated to protect against acid and oil attack.

The System

On new concrete at time of pour X200 Densi-Proof plus X400 Lustre Shield are applied as a one part system, you get all the benefits as above plus industry best cure and seal. This application virtually eliminates shrink cracking potential.

On existing and or contaminated concrete a two part system is required. X200 Densi-Proof™ will purge past contaminants to the surface after application and these must be cleaned prior to the second part X400 Lustre Shield™ application.

X400 Lustre Shield™ enhances dry surface traction and is odourless, safe and nonflammable.
An independent (ATTAR) 23 page Slip Resistance Report, wet and dry, is available on request in hard copy or via our web site in Pdf format (X400 Lustre Shield Slip TestIng.pdf).