Tiger Enclosure Australia Zoo

X230 Densi-Proof Repeller
Applied to existing clean concrete to Harden, Densify, Waterproof & Repel Contamination
Areas to be lived in by tigers in privacy.

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Royal Melbourne Showgrounds – Agricultural Hall

You can now maintain the strength and integrity of your concrete floor without acid attack, free of deep seated odour causing substances and with ease of cleaning. Our one part permanent system guarantees an exceptional floor impervious to Urine, Moulds, Abrasion, Water, Chemical, Acids, Oils, Food and Liquids..

Centenary Hall, Royal Melbourne Showgrounds. Recently renovated and part of the multi million dollar upgrade of the Showgrounds, Centenary Hall’s floor has been replaced from timber to concrete.

X260 MEDI-VET™ with X300 Repeller™ was the right choice.

The Royal Agricultural Society wanted a low maintenance, long lasting, odour free, hygienic,anti staining floor. Like most of the halls at the Showgrounds Centenary has multi uses – Animal show and holding, exhibition and trade area and even receptions.

The concrete must be clean and free of odour and look acceptable without staining.

What the society has now got with X260 MEDI-VET™ with X300 Repeller™ is a floor that will not dust, has been increased in strength (giving better abrasion resistance), is free from internal and external attack from chemicals and acids, is waterproof internally and externally, restricts vapours transmission, provides an environment that will not harbour and support moulds or other odour causing substances.

This floor is environmentally neutral, like the product This product is natural and does not harm the applicator or the people and animals that use the space.

X260 MEDI-VET™ is a revolutionary sealer system that penetrates– up to 200mm into concrete, sealing it from within. It not only stops urine and chemical contamination in new concrete but purges out years of existing contaminants from old concrete. Once X260 MEDI-VET™ is applied your concrete floor will have added strength, a harder but not brittle surface, no dusting, no spalling and will be virtually impervious to internal attack from contamination. This is a once only permanent application and is environmentally neutral. X300 Repeller™ is a penetrating, invisible, permanent surface coating. X300 Repeller™ provides a surface that repels water, acids and oils, giving you a more stain resistant floor with little or no effort between cleans. X300 Repeller™ enhances dry surface traction and is odourless, safe and nonflammable. X300 Repeller™ achieved a R13 on wet ramp testing. A complete Independent Slip Resistance Report by the CSIRO is available on request. X260 MEDI-VET™ with X300 Repeller™ will decontaminate existing concrete floors. X260 MEDI-VET™ penetrates deeply (up to 200mm) and purges contaminants to the surface and never lets them re-enter. Old  concrete needs a two part application..


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Animal Shelters

Iconic animal shelters use X200 Densi-Proof, X260 Medi-Vet and X400 Lustre Shield.

The Orangutan Enclosure at the Melbourne Zoo, Ecoshelters QAF Meats, RSPCA Council Dog shelters, M1 Pavilion at the Melbourne Showgrounds, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve Kangaroo Trauma Recovery Centre and many others…Animal Shelters, Dairies, Stables, Piggeries, Kennels, Feedlots, Aviaries, Dog Pounds.

The Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve in the ACT is Damian Ross of CE Construction Solutions and Rod Prowd of Prowd Painters both based in the ACT. Damian Ross had the solution for the ACT Government’s new Kangaroo Trauma Recovery Centre when they asked for full protection against animal fluid protection for not only the concrete floors but the timber walls as well.

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