Our Products

X200 Densi-Proof

Permanent moisture control and protection.

X220 Moisture Fix

Permanent moisture control for existing and new concrete.

X230 Densi-Proof Repeller

Permanent moisture control and surface protection.

X550 Carpark Warehouse

Invisible penetrating sealer.

X100 Green Concrete Cure

Cure and hardener.

X260 Medi-Vet

Moisture control with antimicrobial formula.

X263 Medi-Vet Repeller

Moisture control and seal with antimicrobial formula.

X-20 Coolroom & Freezer

Enhanced concrete protection for cold storage.

X280 Densi-Proof Reo Protect

Corrosion protection and durability.

X300 Repeller

Invisible penetrating sealer.

X310 Repeller + PLUS

Invisible antimicrobial penetrating sealer.