X-20 Coolroom & Freezer™ a single pack one application spray on system that deeply penetrates new or existing concrete, provides curing, permanent waterproofing, and surface protection from bacteria.

With PROVEN TESTED safe silver ion antimicrobial additive X-20 Coolroom & Freezer™ will protect concrete from E coli & MRSA.

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"Empty storage in a meat processing factory. Big Industrial refrigerator or dryer for any kind of food, meat, fruit or vegetable. From -10 to -80 degrees celcius.See more images like this in:"
  • Cures Hardens & densifies
  • Permanently waterproofs concrete from any direction
  • Retards efflorescence
  • Resists Freeze thaw damage
  • Environmentally Friendly & HACCP Certified – No Odour – LOW VOC
  • Stabilises PH
  • Repels contamination from the surface of the concrete
  • Preserves original appearance
  • Enhances traction quality
  • Stain Resistance
  • Easier ice/snow removal
  • Highly resistant to alkali attack
  • Improves fungi’s/mildew resistance
  • UV resistant
  • Warranties of up to 15 years, supported by project specification and robust QC & QA procedures
  • Cold Rooms & Freezers