A single application spray on system that deeply penetrates new or old concrete, provides permanent waterproofing, curing and protection. X-20 Coolroom & Freezer is specifically designed to protect concrete in cold storage facilities. Penetrates deeply into the concrete mix matrix providing permanent waterproofing, curing and protection from contamination ingress.

Permanent protection from bacteria – Proven control of E.coli and Staphylococcus aureu – MRSA
Makes concrete impermeable, increasing longevity.
Cures, Densifies, Hardens and Waterproofs up to 200mm
Ideally applied as a cure at time of pour by spray but can be applied to existing clean porous concrete
Resists freeze thaw damage.
Retards efflorescence.
Zero VOC, environmentally friendly, user safe.
Minimum Site distrubtion, trafficable after 2 hours
Stabilses PH
After trade friendly
Preserves original appearance
Enhances traction quality
More stain resistant surface
Easier ice/snow removal
Retards/Eliminates efflorescence
UV resistant

  • Cold Rooms & Freezers