X220 Moisture Fix ®

X220 Moisture Fix® a single pack one application spray on or pour and broom system that deeply penetrates new or existing concrete, provides curing, permanent waterproofing, and protection. X220 Moisture Fix® can be applied to existing concrete with a high moisture content. System included in AS1884:2021.

TDS 104 – X220 Moisture Fix V6O 2023


Densifies, Hardens and Waterproofs concrete
Designed for existing projects with high moisture content
Can be applied as a curing regime at time of pour by spray
Doesn’t form a membrane – After trade friendly (Epoxy, Adhesives, Levelling Compounds)
System included in AS1884-2021 Floor Coverings-Resilient Sheet & Tiles – Installation Practises
Environmentally Friendly & HACCP Certified – Low Odour – LOW VOC
Warranties of up to 15 years, supported by project specification and robust QC & QA procedures

  • Areas to receive applied finishes and floor coverings
  • Basements
  • Any concrete elements