For all customers requesting a specification, Oxtek Solutions must be notified by email to inform us of the project and its requirements (see below) we will then complete a unique specification for the application of our products for that project. Each specification is project specific, a site visit may be required.

  1. Name & Address of Project:
  2. Who do we address the spec to (e.g owner, builder etc):
  3. Areas to be treated (e.g interior ground slab, exterior balcony etc):
  4. Time of pour or existing application:
  5. Age of concrete if existing:
  6. Is the concrete going to be exposed or covered (e.g carpet tiles, painted etc):
  7. Product to be used:
  8. Finish of concrete (e.g steel trowelled, burnished etc):
  9. Is a warranty required:

Contact us today for advice, consultation, onsite training and warranty requirements

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