Oxtek Solutions Pty Ltd – Warranty Requirements

“An issued 15 Year warranty is project specific and will require a consultation and a registered specification number”

If you require a specification or warranty for your upcoming project you will need to complete a form via the link below.  Oxtek Solutions must be notified prior to the project commencing.

A unique specification for the application of our products will be prepared for each project. Please note that a site visit may be required.

Contact us today for advice, consultation, onsite training, and warranty requirements.

    X200 Densi Proof – Existing

    X200 Densi Proof – New

    X220 Moisture Fix – Existing

    X220 Moisture Fix – New

    X230 Densi Proof Repeller – Existing

    X230 Densi Proof Repeller – New

    X260 Medi Vet – Existing

    X260 Medi Vet – New

    X263 Medi Vet Repeller – Existing

    X263 Medi Vet Repeller – New